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Text Box: Curt Jones   Construction CoordinatorCurt Jonesࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>Back to home page

Construction Coordinatorࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ쯳pan>Phone༯span>(661)

Local 44ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>Cell(818)

ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ ﳰan>ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>E-Mail쯳pan>ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Faxࠠ쯳pan>(303) 253-8120

㰡n style='font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>  30 years of construction experience

㰡n style='font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>  24 years of studio construction experience,쯳pan>member local 44 since 1988

㰡n style='font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>  Extensive computer skills

㰡n style='font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>  Custom budgeting program쯳pan>(Sample budget available at



The Jurorࠠࠠࠠࠠ쯳pan>Columbia Picturesࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Frank Pezzaࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Rob Cowanࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ쯳pan>ࠠࠠ쯳pan>

Tie That bindsࠠࠠࠠ Tied Up Productions / Interscope Marsha Hinesࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Patrick Markey


Body Bagsࠠࠠࠠࠠ 187 Corp./ John Carpenter / ShowtimeDan Lomino



Old SchoolࠠࠠࠠࠠParamount Studios ੬otࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>Brandy AlexanderࠠࠠJulie Tsutsui

Not A Clueࠠࠠࠠࠠ20th쯳pan>Century Fox Televisionࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Brandy AlexanderࠠࠠJack Clements

Aliasࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Touchstone Televisionࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Scott Chamblissࠠࠠ༯span>Sarah Caplan

Mister SterlingࠠࠠࠠStudios USA Television - Episodicࠠࠠ Brandy Alexander ࠠ࠼/span>Jim Hart

Mister SterlingࠠࠠࠠStudios USA Television - Pilotࠠࠠࠠ Laurence Bennettࠠࠠ쯳pan>Jim Hart


No Ordinary Girl ࠠࠠStandard Film Co., LLC CBSࠠࠠࠠ༯span>Bill Eigenbrodt쯳pan>


Once & Againࠠࠠࠠ Once And Again Productionsࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Laurence Bennettࠠࠠ쯳pan>Peter Schindler


The Agencyࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>CBS Productionsࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ Bill Eigenbrodtࠠࠠ࠼/span>Bob Simon


Payneࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>Universal StudiosࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠEd LaPortaࠠࠠࠠࠠTim Steel


Slidersࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ Universal StudiosࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠJeff Goldstein,ࠠࠠࠠEd Ledding

& Colin Irwin ࠠࠠࠠPaul Cajeroࠠࠠࠠࠠ

Beyond Beliefࠠࠠࠠ Dick Clark Productionsࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ쯳pan>Karen Hughs


Rockford FilesࠠࠠࠠUniversal Studiosࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Tony Cowley,ࠠࠠࠠ Chas. Floyd Johnson

ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ & Sandy Getslerࠠࠠ༯span>Mark Horowitzࠠࠠࠠ

The First Gentlemanࠠ쯳pan>Universal / Ivan ReitmanࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠFrank Pezzaࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Don Kurtࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>

Firestormࠠࠠࠠࠠ쯳pan>Grogg Entertainment / NBCࠠࠠࠠࠠDan Lomino


Running DelilaࠠࠠࠠABC Circle FilmsࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠFrank Pezzaࠠ쯳pan>ࠠࠠ쯳pan>Mel Efros


The Human TargetࠠࠠWarner Brothers / Pet Fly Prod.ࠠࠠࠠFrank Pezzaࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Don Kurt


The Flashࠠࠠࠠࠠ쯳pan>Warner Brothers / Pet Fly Prod.ࠠࠠࠠRichard Fernandez ࠠ࠼/span>Don Kurt


Smoldering Lustࠠࠠ༯span>Brillstein / Grey Prod.ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>Ann Champion


CainࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠWarner Brothersࠠࠠ༯span>ࠠࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Frank Pezzaࠠࠠࠠ࠼/span>Don Kurt



Mountain DewࠠࠠࠠSweet Pea Productionsࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ༯span>Erni Vales